To make beautiful clothes with ethical origins and to illustrate that environmentally and socially responsible fashion can equate to exquisite design and quality.

Our philosophy at Amana is to create clothes that marry beautiful design with ethical production practices.

We source suppliers whose mission is to create fabrics that have minimal negative impact on the environment. The result is a collection of garments hand made from beautiful organic cottons, sumptuous organic silks and luxurious hemp mixes.

All our garments are made by women artisans in Ain Leuh, an enchanting village perched high in the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. We work on a fair-trade basis with our artisans, developing long-term partnerships with them. We ensure good working conditions, make advance payments and provide technical assistance and training.

We aspire to present you with a collection that is not only desirable for the beauty of each piece but that doesn’t come at a cost. A collection where you can trust that from the cotton farmer to the finishing stitches every effort has been made to respect the people involved and protect our precious eco-system. Our supply chain re-iterates the soul of Amana: literally ‘delivered in trust’ in Moroccan Arabic.